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We have been in the Chinese LED lights industry for more than 10 years.

About 8,668 customers from 98 countries world wide buy our products and services yearly. The customers spent about 850 million US dollars on us in the past 10 years, and they gained approximately 9,000 million business in result.

There are R&D team, financial team, sales team, QC team and logistics team with 4 electronics engineers, 2 financial staff,10 salesmen and salesgirls, 2 inspectors and 2 specialists of logistics in our company.

You can buy from us APP controlled LED lights, Wi-Fi controlled LED lights, remote controlled LED lights , wedding lights, uplighting LED, Panel lights, floor stand lamp, night lights, garden lighting, Christmas lighting,wall lights, gaming room LED lights, table lamps, strip lights, solar lights etc..

Offer the most cost-effective LED lights and the best services to you is our mission.

We are Chinese LED lights manufacturer

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Chinese LED lights supplier got some interesting questions :

1.Are Chinese LED Lights Any Good?

Chinese LED lights have become a popular choice in today’s society, thanks to their energy efficiency, excellent lifespan, and surprisingly low price. As a result, they’re the perfect replacement for old bulbs, and Chinese LED lights manufacturers have capitalized on this trend by producing a wide range of LED and HID lights at extremely low costs. But are Chinese LED lights any good? 

One of the most important things to look for in LED lighting is the manufacturer’s certification. LED manufacturers in China are required to be transparent and obtain multiple accreditations, including the prestigious CE mark. It is impossible to test every LED bulb, but many Chinese manufacturers are certified by both the Chinese and American governments and has passed stringent safety standards. They are also featured on the DesignLight Consortium’s exclusive Qualified Product List (QPL) and meet local safety regulations. The QPL listings have very strict standards, requiring ninety percent performance after 36,000 hours and a heat conductivity of 1.9 umol/J.

Another thing to look for in LED lights from China is the manufacturer’s quality. Chinese LED lights are with precision in their specifications, as well as those on Philips’ website, such as exact color temperature, lumens, and Wattage. It’s important to remember that there are many great manufacturers of LED lights in China. The best way to find the right LED light for your needs is to talk to manufacturers and get samples before you make bulk orders.

2. Are Chinese LED bulbs safe?

LIs it possible to buy LED bulbs made in China that are not only cheaper, but also safer? We’ll look at how to choose the most safe Chinese bulbs. Then, we’ll examine the safety of Chinese LED bulbs in more detail.

LED bulbs are environmentally friendly. They reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. They also last longer than other types of light. The bulbs are also beautiful and energy-efficient, and they don’t twinkle or flicker when they operate. They also don’t require frequent replacement. They don’t need to be replaced like normal incandescent bulbs, either. LEDs are also very durable, lasting over 11 years on average when used 12 hours a day.

While LED lights are a great way to save money on electricity, they are not completely safe. Some LED bulbs manufactured in China are not made well. The base material can be inferior, which may lead to bulb bursting. Low-quality capacitors can also cause overheating, so you don’t want to buy them unless you’re sure that they’re safe. Also, you should beware of cheap sometimes means bad quality.

There are different standards for LED lights. In the EU, all LED lighting products must be RoHS compliant, or RoHS-certified. The RoHS certification is mandatory in the EU, so that all lights sold in the EU comply with the same safety standards. In addition, manufacturers are also required to use ENEC or MET Marking to display their products. This certification is an internationally recognized certification that ensures the safety of LED lights.

3.How do I import LED lights from China?

To start your LED light business, you’ll need a reliable source of high-quality products. China is one of the world’s largest markets for LED lights, and buyers from around the world come to buy from the country’s many manufacturers. As with any big market, finding a reputable supplier can be challenging. Here we’ll discuss some of the steps you need to take to find the best supplier in China.

The first step in the process of importing LED lights from China is to select a manufacturer(Shenzhen Commdy Industrial Co., Ltd). When making a decision, you should always look for factories that use a high-quality manufacturing process. Oftentimes, LED lights require more than one production line. Then, look for companies that have a strong production team. 

In addition to high-quality materials, Chinese LED manufacturers also focus on efficiency. Their automated processes ensure that your product will arrive on time. This helps you avoid searching for different LED parts in the market. Finally, Chinese companies strive to create a unique and stylish product. Unlike the US, the Chinese market isn’t ruled by a few big companies; hundreds of manufacturers produce thousands of products every year.

To import LED lights from China, you can do so in bulk, or in smaller quantities. You can either buy them directly from the manufacturer, or you can order them from a trading company. In this case, the trading company will combine orders from several clients, inspect them, and then arrange shipping for you. The company will handle all the necessary steps, including arranging payment and customs clearance. In addition, Chinese suppliers often offer customized options for LED lights.

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